What is SEO and what are its benefits? Simple explanation for beginners 2022

What is SEO and what is its benefit? simple explanation for beginners 2022

What is SEO and what is its benefit?  A simple explanation for beginners 2022

There is one question on the minds of many beginners in the field of blogging, and this question is!  What is SEO?  The word SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, optimizing a website for search engines.

  • Some people specialize in teaching SEO and the way to write articles and articles at good prices.
  • But here on win350, we will offer you for free the method of writing articles and these articles will be writing an article compatible with SEO.
  • and it will help your article appear on the Google search engine on the first or second page of course if you apply these methods explain to them u.

  • There are two types of SEO, the first type is website SEO, which is by writing articles, and the second type is SEO by uploading videos on YouTThe correct

Correct way to improve website SEO search engines?

  • The way to work SEO on YouTube First, you must name the video before uploading it from YouTube, such as if you filmed the video and made the product until you finished.
  • you write the title before uploading it to your YouTube channel, write the title on it and save it on the video before uploading.

What is youtube SEO?

  1. After that, you upload the video and use some tools to search for keywords that have a very high search rate, and at the same t,  time the price is very expensive.
  2. and there are some sites specialized in this field that help you to get keywords with a very normal search rate and words with a price  The click is very expensive. 
  3. What is SEO and what are its benefits?

And the way the SEO works for the site is to respect the writing laws such as the use of regular tags and no question marks from the tags, and then you write the address correctly.

Optimizing search engine results 2022 - SEO

The titles must be correct and t, and write an article compatible with SEO, there are several sites that you can use and these sites give you free tools to improve the swords on the site by 99%.

These are the sites that can help you get these services. Words with a very high search rate that you can use in YouTube SEO.

The first site that will help you get these words is  Google AdWords is among the best sites to search for words, whether to write articles or to search for writing the title of the YouTube video to get a large number of views.  keychain.

And you must respect the laws of YouTube, which is not to take the video to another place, for example, you upload it to another channel and upload it to your channel, and this is of course contrary to YouTube policy.

The second site to get words with a very high search rate issupercoolsols, this site works well.

Writing an SEO-friendly article to top the search engines

You can use this site at any time you want and there is no limited number of searches. You can search for any word you want and it will give you all the statistics regarding the price-per-click and words with a very normal search rate.

  • If you want to build a good site that will earn you very large profits, you must learn SEO, Faiza has learned to walk. You can earn more than 25000 dollars from your site, whether it is a blog blocker WordPress.
  • Do professionals use the secrets of SEO?  You cannot be a professional and you do not know the basics of SEO and how to write SEO-friendly articles.
  • Lisa, you should learn how to write SEO-friendly articles and this will help you greatly in the field of blogging or on YouTube.

How do you start learning SEO?

Even if you want to work in a large company, you can work important if they see that you know SEO and can write articles correctly, and they will assign you to manage the company's website.

Some YouTube channels offer for a free SEO secrets course. Learn SEO from scratch. You can watch them. These courses are often a few videos that you can watch in one month until you become a professional, and then you create a site and apply what you learned in these videos. 


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