How to make 50 dollars a day from Blogger blog

How to make 50 dollars a day from a Blogger blog

We will provide you with a profit strategy from a blogger blog, more than 50 dollars per day, you only need to follow these steps to profit from a blogger blog, first, your blog must have a very high domain authority of 55 and above, and ge authority from forty to 70.

And if you are one of the people who are looking to profit from a Blogger blog or one of the people who have vivisiteddnd their profits are weak, then these strategies that we will present in this article will help you a lot.

  1. All of these things were present in your blog. You are sure that you can earn 50 dollars a day from a blogger blog, and if these qualities are not present on your website, you can achieve great profits, but by 30%.
  2. This strategy can be used in a free and paid domain, but you cannot use it without a good Alexa ranking and backlink, because for me two things are the basics of the site.  Some sites offer these things with a paid service from 5 to 10 dollars.
  3. The first strategy is to upload articles continuously and use a very strong keyword that has a high search rate, and then you use keywords with a very high CPC  is the first strategy that you can follow and collect more than 50 dollars a day.
  4. The second strategy is the one that will cost you from 7 to 6 dollars, and this is a paid service sold by some deaf people. It is a backlink service that you can buy and you can work with your free backlink. There are a large number of sites that you can rely on and make the backlink for the strength of the site and its reputation.

And the way that you can get Bakelite is through external links and internal links, and here comes the question!!

  • And what are the internal links?

The internal links are the links that you use in your article and that you insert into other articles, for example, you wrote the article!  Profit from the Internet!  After that, I wrote another special article on the sites, and within this article, I mentioned the name of profit from the Internet, which I explained before.

Here you can take the link in which I explained the profit from the Internet and link it with this word this is what they call the internal link and helps you in strengthening the site, and this the internal link helps you a lot in getting visits and the duration of the visitor’s stay on the site,

  • What are external links?

External links are the links that you take from trusted sites and it is a source from an article or something or information that I explained and it is not on your site. For example, I explained WordPress and here if you mentioned the name WordPress, you can take the link for the WordPress site and link it with this word and this will prepare a lot in the backlink and this is What they call external links.

Profit strategy from blogger more than 50 dollars per day

The second strategy to earn $50 from a Blogger blog is through promotion. You must know where you are working on your website. There are many places in which you can publish your site, but I advise you on three places, and these are places that you can check for respectable amounts of money. The first place is Twitter.

  • Is Twitter the best place to get traffic?

  • Twitter is a place used by a large number of bloggers to get visits permanently. You can target a specific country like Australia or America.
  • These are the places where professionals publish to get traffic, the most beautiful feature of Twitter is that you can target countries and use trending hashtags that can help you get traffic.
  • You can publish at any time you want, but first, you must verify your account and then it looks like the work and the content you publish on your site must be the same as the content on your Twitter account.
  • This will help you a lot and you will get a large number of followers you can use the gift application, as this is an application that publishes automatically, whether from Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else on social sites.

How to earn more than 50 dollars per day from a blogger blog

And the second place to publish articles, get visits and profit from a Blogger blog, more than 50 dollars per day, is through Pinterest, the Pinterest site is one of the best sites currently available.

  1. You can use it as a source of visits, but you must diversify the visits. If all visits come from one place, this will cause a problem with your website, but you must publish in many places to diversify the visits.
  2. But to get visits from Pinterest, you must upload 100% exclusive images, and this will help you get visits these visits you can get 50 clicks per day.
  3. Imagine if you got 50 clicks from the United States or Australia, The most powerful strategies to earn $ 50 from Blogger Yuma.

There are a large number of people asking this question which is, How do you get 1000 views a day on blogger?  In this article, we will answer this question and provide strategies that you can earn more than $50 per day from Blogger Blogger.

  • Some bloggers have views, but they do not make profits. The reason is that they do not use keywords and keywords that are very expensive and then they ask this question!  How much can I earn from 1000 views on the blog?  There is nothing limited you can get 50 views and get 10 dollars and you can get 1000 views and only get 2 dollars.  This thing depends on the visitor’s location and the country from which the visitor came.
  • if the visitor is from the United States of America or Canada, the click price will be very expensive, but if he is from a country such as Mauritania, Egypt or another country, with all respect to them, it is very weak.
  • How much do bloggers make per blog?  are some bloggers who earn more than 100 dollars a day, but they constantly publish every day 50 articles or at least 40 articles, and if you follow these steps that we mentioned, you will achieve three times more than their sums.

The easiest way to earn 50 per day from a Blogger blog

At the beginning of blogging, do not think about profits, think about building a large audience and a good presentation that can help you get visits continuously until you reach 10,000 visits per day, and there are a large number of people who start blogging and ask this question!!!  How can I earn 100 dollars from my blog?  Of course, this is a big mistake

There is a question that beginners ask how many visitors do you need to earn $100? There are no limited visits to earn $100 per day from a Blogger blog. Sometimes you get plus one from America or Australia, enter your blog and click on the ad with one click. And you get $300 from one visitor.

It depends on the country from which this visitor came from and the place where the visitor resides. Also, you must take advantage of words whose prices are very expensive, and you can find these words in Google AdWords.


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