How to earn free bitcoin balance in completely legal ways

How to earn free bitcoin balance in completely legal ways

There are many ways to get bitcoin for free, whether by working on some sites for mining digital currencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies or applications for profit from the Internet.

We will present you with winning strategies to get free bitcoin.  These are strategies that depend on the strength of your internet. You must have a strong internet network to modify the bitcoin and earn about $100 per day of bitcoin.

  • How do I get Bitcoin?  Some sites can help you to get bitcoin in the easiest way possible, you only need to write an article or watch ads and earn bitcoins.
  • How do you benefit from Bitcoin?  There are a large number of ways to benefit from the bitcoin currency, but the most famous way to benefit from bitcoin is through the environment and digital money.
  • Is it possible to mine from the phone?  Yes, Bitcoin can be modified on the phone. You can install the Bitcoin mining application.

Some sites help coins at first. These sites are honest, and after a month or three, this site is a scammer that does not pay anyone and sometimes closes the sites, and a large number of people lose their money, whether they are investors or people working on the site.

How to get free bitcoin legally from the internet

The first strategy is the promotional work or advertising funded for some sites. These sites are special for inviting people, such as the QIQI site. This site helps you get digital currencies. You can withdraw daily if one of us reaches the withdrawal, and the minimum withdrawal amount on this site is five dollars, you can withdraw anywhere  Whenever you want, but you must call three people before the draw.

  •  How to get free bitcoin legally

Promote this site through Facebook, Instagram or even on Twitter, insert your whether it is MasterCard or Visa, workand or on a funded advertisement through Facebook or anywhere else from social sites.

  1. The first step to making an advertisement for this site is to enter your account on the site and copy your referral link and share it on Facebook, whether it is on your Facebook page
  2. Or anywhere else, but it is better to share it on your page and then enter your Visa or MasterCard and click on the approval
  3. After that, you choose the amount that you want to work in mobile advertising, whether it is 5 dollars or 30 dollars

After that, you publish the photo from the site and in the place where it is written on Facebook and copy the place of your link in this way you get for the people who register in your referral link 50 dollars.

How do I get bitcoin for free?  Your comprehensive guide to how to earn bitcoins for free

The other site is an old site. This site has been working since 2017 so far. It pays people and the Al-Sadiq site is 100%, and more than half a million people are currently working on it around the world.

  • A large number of cryptocurrency owners rely on this site, the reason is that you can buy from this site any currency you want.
  • but the only problem with this site is that you cannot withdraw at any time you want only five times a day.
  • There are only three ways to profit on this site. The first method is by buying and selling digital currencies on site. 

If the price of the currency rises, you sell and if it decreases, you buy it. This is a strategy that many people who sell digital waste rely on.

How to Get Free Bitcoins - Earn Free Bitcoin in 2022

The second way is to rely on referrals. You can rely on publishing the link referrals and get a large number of people who register on your site, but the most popular place for publishing links is Facebook, so if you publish the link in any special case on Facebook, you will get a large number of people  Who is looking for profit cryptocurrency.

You can also publish anywhere you want from social sites, especially WhatsApp and Facebook, because these are the best places to promote, whether it is a referral link or for sale sites and hosting .... etc


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